MaxiPDF PDF editor & builder



MaxiPDF main features are:


- Creation; to create any PDF file from a basic template.

- Edit; to create/modify/delete text, images and vector drawing objects like curves, lines, paths.

- View; to navigate/open the PDF files. The navigation options include pages, outlines or objects.

- Annotate; to create/add and save comments directly inside the file.

- Compatibility with any PDF file.

- Free software.


This app is an adaptation for Android of PDFedit, which is a free open source system and a library for manipulating documents, released under terms of GNU GPL version 2. A guide about how to use this app can be found at


This app is PDFedit that is run remotely. It requires the Internet.

This app is the best one to work with PDF files. It allows you to create, edit, view and annotate PDF files


Easy app to build and edit any kind of PDF document using the most famous library to manipilate PDF files, the muPDF library compiled using the Android NDK.


Available in the Google Play Store:

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