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The best user experience along with the best functionality is our goal to provide the best apps. Dandroid Mobile provides you the best mobile business strategy, a great UI/UX design, and a very experinced mobile development team. Dandroid Mobile is your mobile company. Our goal is to develop the most amazing mobile experinced, developed in a record time.Innovative mobile business strategies. Beautiful user experience designs.



Our apps are tested in deeply in order to ensure the maximum quality for our users



The UI design is oriented to the browse through the functionality and reach every feature in few clicks.



Functionality available in our cloud servers are provided inside our apps through our Linux API



Apps distributed in multi app stores, and multi mobile platforms: Google, Opera, and Apple. Using partnerships



The apps succeed not by any chance. An app is succesful if taking the right decisions made at the right time. We, and one of the most successful mobile app developers, understand how imporant the performance, quality and reliability are across the different mobile devices that their customers can use.

DocsWork Excel Word Pdf Ppt


The best viewer for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF. DocsWork is a great app for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and pdf. DocWork is based on Apache POI and LibreOffice so it is free to use. It is available in many languages.

AndroLinux - Linux for Android


Linux in your Android device with the GNOME desktop environment. This app provides you a Linux system with a GNOME desktop environment that is composed entirely of free and open-source software. It is based on the Fedora and Centos OS.

MaxiPDF PDF editor & builder


This app is the best one to work with PDF files. It allows you to create, edit, view and annotate PDF files. This app is an adaptation for Android of PDFedit, which is a free open source system and a library for manipulating documents

XGimp Image Editor for Mobile


Adaptation of the app GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation) for Android. Program for tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring: brush, line tool, cursor, fill tool, stamp, circle/ellipse, cropping, flipping, zooming, rectangle, image importing, eraser, moving, and rotating.

DJFon Music mixer for DJ free


DJFon is the best free app to mix your own music, and songs from IceCast streaming. DJFon transforms your Android device into a full DJ system. Remix your favorite songs: you can sing in live, use 2 turntables, create loops, and apply a lot of DJ features in real time.

MaxiVideo Video Editor Creator


One of the best video editors in the Android market. It allows you to create, modify, edit videos, and share them with your friends. It uses ffmpeg, which is the most powerful tool to modify videos. It is available free of charge.

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